Pls&Ty Announces ‘Run Wild/Feeling Forever’ Remix LP With Bondax & More: Listen


Florida-bred future bass producer Pls&Ty, aka Tommy Leas, has been on an evolutionary kick. His latest two releases, "Run Wild" and "Feeling Forever," push his sound to new heights with influences all around the world. "Run Wild" samples Finnish folk band Värttinä's song "Käppee" to intoxicating effect, while "Feeling Forever" was built around a sample of an Indian street performer recorded on Pls&Ty's iPhone.

Now, Leas celebrates his growth with a six-track remix package featuring unique takes on both tunes from some truly forward-thinking musical minds, including the recently-released take on "Feeling Forever" by Bondax, which you can hear below.

"'Run Wild' & 'Feeling Forever' are both songs inspired by travel," Leas tells Billboard Dance, "each evoking visions of somewhere entirely foreign. I am very excited to show you some of my favorite productions to date, which challenged and elevated my craft by way of entirely unconventional sounds."

The producer personally chose all the remixes on the package. First up is a dreamy take on "Feeling Forever" from English house duo Bondax. The sitar sample plays delicately in the background, inspiring a new melodic synth lead bolstered by jazzy keys and a soft but driving rhythm.

The rest of the package features remixes from Vindata, Ducky, YehMe2, Luca Lush and Manic Focus. The release is out in full Monday, Aug. 12.

Listen to Bondax's take on "Feeling Forever" below.