Play It Again, Sam: Spotify’s Newest Playlists Are Based on Repeat Listens


Spotify’s latest personalized playlists aren’t just inspired by prior song choices, they are those tracks. The music streamer unveiled today On Repeat and Repeat Rewind, which'll be chock full of songs you not only seem to enjoy but ones you’ve played over and over again.

The two playlists differ over timing; On Repeat has tracks a user has been listening to the most over the previous 30 days, while Repeat Rewind contains songs played over a month ago. Neither will have any cohesion regarding genre — meaning that lullaby you stream nightly for your toddler may tee up next to that Pantera song you crank while mowing the lawn every week.

Both playlists will auto-update and be completely different from each other, with no duplicates or repeats. The playlists can be found right now in the Made For You Hub or the ‘Uniquely Yours” area on free and premium tiers, next to other personalized lists including Discover Weekly and Release Radar.