Plastic Picnic Fight the Woes of a Relationship in New Single 'Doubt': Listen


Imagine the soundtrack a John Hughes' movie with a modern twist — that's the sound Brooklyn-based band Plastic Picnic. The quartet, made up four West Coast transplants (frontman Emile Panerio, guitarist Lincoln Lute, drummer Gordon Taylor and bassist Marshall Hunt) make sad, yet energetic indie rock tunes that could be disguised as 80's synth pop, and their latest single "Doubt" is no exception.

Since their start in 2016, the band has become known for their catchy, danceable beats paired with melancholy lyricism and shimmery melodies. Drawing influence from their live-performance dynamic and a free-form collaborative writing style in the studio, the band has developed a unique sound made up by upbeat nostalgic shimmer overlaying dark undertones through their lyrics and use more aggressive guitar textures.

Today (Sept. 12) Plastic Picnic release "Doubt," a track comprised a blend driving guitar riffs, hypnotic synths, and smooth vocals that sound hopeful and keep listeners dancing, despite the emotional lyrics that detail lovers drifting apart.

"'Doubt' is a song about beginning a life with someone you love and never seeing them," lead singer Emilie Panerio says. "When you're going to sleep, they're leaving for work. When a partnership works in theory, but current life doesn't allow it the time it needs to healthily grow — something New York City seems to have a good reputation for. The pace the city encourages pulls two people apart even when they live in the same bedroom, eventually bringing doubt upon the distant spark that started it in the first place. The song's about how we combat that doubt, whether its bright memories, or determined hope."

The band will be playing their next New York show at Baby’s All Right on September 17 and will hit the road for a West Coast tour for the month October. The group plans to release their next EP in 2019.

Listen to Plastic Picnic's danceable and dark single "Doubt" below.