PJ Sin Suela, Guaynaa & More Show a Colorful Puerto Rican Summer in ‘La Pelúa’ Exclusive


The new generation of urban singers from Puerto Rico represented by PJ Sin Suela, Guaynaa, Jon Z and Rafa Pabón has surprised the world of Latin music. Each of them has a unique, but explosive, personality, and on this occasion, the four singers have joined forces to launch "La Pelúa" remix, exclusively premiering on Billboard.


In Puerto Rico, “La Pelua” is a refrain that is sung at parties or at some fun time among friends and always indicates the person who should dance it. “Queremos que (name) nos baile la pelúa, por aqui y por allá“ (“We want (name) to dance the wig, wig here and pelúa there”). 

"La Pelúa is a song for all the ladies who are natural and humble so that they feel safe and have a good time in her own,” PJ Sin Suela tells Billboard.  

Now, the version of PJ Sin Suela with Guaynaa, Jon Z and Rafa Pabon completely twist the fun chorus. The single is a fusion of rhythms from cumbia to reggaeton with uptempo beats that create a sexy urban rhythm that with its lyrics describe how the person is dancing la pelúa.  

The video for La Pelúa remix recreates an everyday scene of growing up in Puerto Rico. PJ Sin Suela, Jon Z, Rafa Pabón and Guaynaa can be seen having fun riding bikes, checking out girls, having a car wash and playing as a band in the garage. The chemistry between the four artists is captured in the video directed by long-time collaborator Edgar Cruz Robles and Pedro-Juan Vázquez Bragan (PJ Sin Suela). 

“We are friends so it was a pleasure to work with them and the video is a typical summer in Puerto Rico, that if cleaning cars in the carwash, running bike, trying to learn music, is very colorful and I hope everyone enjoyed it,” concluded PJ Sin Suela.

Watch the video: