Philly’s Warchyld Shows Of ‘War Hummer’ On The City’s South Street


Many Hip Hop artists have opened their own stores and created their own clothing brands, however, the marketing and branding strategy for the 215’s Warchyld is a precedence in and of itself.

Sponsored and built by East Coast Auto Designs, Warchyld has created the “War Hummer”, an H2 SUT Hummer, which is a promotional vehlcle equipped with a t-shirt/confetti cannon atop of the pick-up truck style SUV. Besides promoting his City Of Brotherly Love-based store called Wardrobe, which is located on South Street. In-store signings from notables such as 50 Cent, Jadakiss, Styles P and others who support Warchyld and his Wardrobe movement will be kicking off in the summer 2019.

Check out ‘The War Hummer Vlog’ volume 1 below and look forward toseeing the t-shirt shooting Hummer come through a hood near you!