Phantogram Find Their Way Back to Love With ‘Into Happiness’ Watch


Phantogram is back with heads held high; their comeback single "Into Happiness" received a new music video today (July 23). 

Directed by Floria Sigismondi, the video plays on the Chinese concept "the red thread of fate." The mystical string, often tied on one's little finger, connects destined lovers, or perhaps in the case of Phantogram's Josh Carter and Sarah Barthel, two humans fated to give each other love and support.

The friends and creative partners have surely been there for each other through the decade. Phantogram has been a beautiful vessel for expression and charitable action in the aftermath of Barthel's sister's suicide, a tragedy that greatly influenced the band's third album, Three. "Into Happiness" is the culmination of so much healing, a dusty rose-colored horizon and a promise of smiles to come.

Phantogram invite you to smile, too, as the band kicks off a tour in support of the single. Watch the music video for "Into Happiness" below.