Petit Biscuit’s ‘We Were Young’ With JP Cooper Is a Young Love Daydream: Listen


For artists, some works pour out like water from a broken levee, but some are a bloody mess like pulling teeth. Petit Biscuit's latest tune "We Were Young" was one of the latter, having begun the tune before his 2017 debut LP Presence. It was worth the wait, a bittersweet ballad about fighting the rush of love and falling victim to someone's charms in spite of yourself. The French producer "needed a lot of time with it," but once he got in the studio with singer JP Cooper, everything hit its stride.

“‘We Were Young’ is like a hymn to an innocent love, a beautiful love … even a bit too beautiful to be true," Petit Biscuit tells Billboard Dance. "‘We Were Young’ really is a big blend of my pop and electronic influences, even going to gospel on the choruses. Working together with JP on the different vocal parts of the track was a real pleasure. His particular tone brought a lot of freshness to my electronic production.”

“I was so excited to get in the studio with Mehdi (Petit Biscuit)," Cooper says. "I'd heard some of his work and his sound [I] absolutely loved. Genuinely, I think this kid is a bit of a genius when it comes to electronic music. I wanted to make sure that I brought a little bit of my flavor to the track, and I think it fused beautifully. It was really interesting to try and write a classic-sounding chorus over such a modern-sounding track, and I'm super happy with how it turned out.” 

"We Were Young" is Petit Biscuit's second single of 2019, following the glitchy bass of instrumental "Wide Awake." Fall in love with its sad beauty in spite of yourself below.