Petit Biscuit Flexes On Flume Remix, Giving ‘Rushing Back’ With Vera Blue a Bold Beat: Listen


It's a big look when anybody gets an official Flume remix. The Australian producer changed the sound of electronic music in the early 2010s, practically giving birth to the "future bass" movment that defined the decade.

His work was instrumental to so many young producers, Petit Biscuit being one of them. Of course he jumped at the chance to rework Flume's "Rushing Back" with Vera Blue, and he took the opportunity to push his own creative boundaries.

"Ever since I was 12 years old, Flume has inspired me to innovate in everything I make," Petit Biscuit is quoted in a press release. "He is an artist that is constantly pushing the limits of our genre forward. It's an honour to be able to bring my signature sound to one of his tracks, lending it somewhat of a dreamy quality.”

Dreamy is right. He brings that "Sunset Lover" suave to the table, but it's the second-half drum break that really gets our tummies in a tight wind. It's Flume-inspired with pastel-colored kicks, a really delicious bit of beatwork to dig your hips into. Weird dance moves allowed, only. 

The remix is out now on Future Classic. Check it out below.