Pete Wentz Will Spook You Out of Your Pants With His Halloween ASMR: Watch


Lighting a candle never sounded so… quiet/loud?

If you've ever wondered what it sounds like when Pete Wentz chomps on Whoppers and licks a Blow Pop, you're in luck. The Fall Out Boy bassist creeped up to the microphone for a special edition of "Pete Wentz Does Halloween ASMR" on the Zach Sang Show, where he tugged on Halloween slime, sampled Sour Patch Kids and munched on an apple. "This is a good apple," Wentz whispered between bites before getting up to some mischief by quietly spraying shaving cream and cracking eggs on a haunted house model.

"Gonna need your headphones for this one," he warned in a tweet.

FOB's "Dear Future Self (Hands Up)," featuring Wyclef Jean, started at No. 17 on Hot Rock Songs. Its first-week numbers show 3.3 million audience in radio reach, 562,000 streams and 3,000 sold, for the charts dated Sept. 21. Their Hella Mega tourmates Green Day and Weezer also hit multiple charts recently after announcing their upcoming tour, which features the Interrupters in a supporting role and launches on March 8, 2020, in Singapore, with its first North American date July 17 in Seattle. The tour is set to conclude Aug. 29 in Philadelphia.