Pete Davidson Announces On Social Media That Both His Wisdom Teeth And 'God Is A Woman' Are Out


Pete Davidson's unwavering support  Ariana Grande continues, even when it comes to get his wisdom teeth taken out.

Earlier today (July 13) the comedian shouted out for his fiancée's latest single “God Is A Woman” with a (face-blocking) mirror selfie that included the enthusiastic caption, “GIAW out now !!!!”

And now the 24-year-old is back at it with a follow-up post that brought more Ari love, but also a reminder that he's a comedian. The SNL cast member took to instagram again to share a picture himself at the dentist with bandages around his face and the caption, “GIAW music video and my wisdom teeth are out now.”

Check out Davidson's post below and the video for “God Is A Woman.”