Pet Shop Boys Take Years & Years On a Trip to ‘Dreamland’ With New Single: Listen


It's always a good day when two queer musical forces join together to make magic

On Wednesday (Sept. 11), legendary duo Pet Shop Boys dropped their new single "Dreamland" featuring pop group Years & Years. The song is a glittering pop-disco production, as Neil Tennant and Olly Alexander duet back and forth throughout the verses and chorus about wanting to escape the current world we live in. "Dreamland, I need you/ I close my eyes and you lead the way," they sing.

Along with the new track, the group dropped an animated lyric video for the song, where each of the words appear as we pan through a dirty, grungy subway station in what appears to be Berlin. Posters for both bands are lined along the walls, as subway cars race by, directing the listeners to their "Dreamland."

Check out the lyric video for the Pet Shop Boys and Years & Years' "Dreamland" below: