"Pet Sematary" Remake Aims To Cast Jason Clarke As Lead


Do you remember the film Pet Semetary? It was released in 1989 and featured a plotline where a grieving man learns that a haunted cemetery behind his home can raise people and animals from the dead. He first raises his daughter’s dead cat from the grave, and then raises his deceased son from the dead as well, with horrific consequences. The cemetery is supposedly spelled “Semetary,” because a child misspelled it when the haunted burial plot was created. It wasn’t a hit with critics, but it became a cult-classic in the years following its release. Like many other movies based on Stephen King novels (IT being a prime example), Pet Cemetary is set to return as a remake, and the film may have just landed its main character. 

According to The Hollywood ReporterJason Clarke is in talks to assume the lead role as the doctor who moves from the city into a rural area and experiences paranormal activity in the cemetery behind his home. Clarke definitely looks the part. He has the once hopeful, soon to be grim, look in his eye that fits the story’s main protagonist. Clarke is best known for his roles in Zero Dark Thirty, White House Down, and Dawn the Planet the Apes.