Pepe Aguilar Teams Up With 'Voto Latino' to Encourage Fans to Vote at His Concerts


While he’s making you weep with songs such as “Por Mujeres Como Tú” and “Directo al Corazón,” he’s also getting you to register to vote! That’s Pepe Aguilar’s newest commitment to his fans.

On Wednesday (July 25), the Mexican-American singer, alongside California Secretary State Alex Padilla and Voto Latino’s COO Jessica Reeves, revealed he was teaming up with “Voto Latino” to launch a voter registration drive on his 2018 "Jaripeo Sin Fronteras Tour." In conjunction with "Voto Latino’s SOMOS MAS," his initiative is to register one million new voters by 2020.

“Latinos are in the crosshairs the current administration as hard-working families are separated and children are traumatized and our culture is attacked,” Aguilar said during the press conference, held in Los Angeles. “It is imperative that we join the political process and it is important to me to help.”

His game plan includes recording promotional videos and messages for "Voto Latino" that will play during his shows and on national and local media. The "Voto Latino" team will also set up registration tables in the lobbies selected arenas on his tour with the mission educating and engaging fans to register to vote.

During the conference, Padilla emphasized that “having voter registration at concerts is an easy way to reach tens thousands voters.”