Pendulum Gets 'The Reworks' From Skrillex, Noisia, Moby, ATTLAS & More: Listen


Drum'n'bass will never die. Not when it has so many admirers from across the electronic music scene. It's not the popular sound it was in the late '90s and early 2000s, overshadowed as it was by its son dubstep in the late aughts, but it's always staging a comeback. Now that iconic UK d'n'b band Pendulum is back in action, there's never been a better time to be a head, and if you want to hear what d'n'b inspires in the minds other creatives, just give The Reworks' 13 tracks a serious spin.

It opens with “Hold Your Color” from Noisia, another integral outfit in the bass scene. Knife Party, a duo comprised two Pendulum members, takes on fan favorite “Blood Sugar.” Fans may have heard Skrillex's Caribbean-tinged take on “The Island, Pt. 1.” There's also “Propane Nightmares” by Grabbitz, “Witchcraft” by Pegboard Nerds, “Vault” by Moby, “Streamline” by ATTLAS and more.

To see a collection songs celebrated by so many great names new and old to the scene is truly a warm moment for music fans all kinds. This group represents both the generations that shared stages with Pendulum in its heyday and those who were directly inspired to pick up producing because the band's spitfire beats. The Reworks comes on the heels a complete catalog reissue Pendulum's work in a box set. Listen to The Reworks in full below.