Pelicans Season Ticket Sales See Huge Increase After Winning Lottery


Zion Williamson is a blockbuster player and because of this, it is believed that he will be the first overall pick in the draft. Last night, the Zion Williamson sweepstakes were in full effect as the NBA Draft Lottery went down. Despite only having six percent odds to get the first pick, the New Orleans Pelicans ended up being the big winners. Thanks to their lucky fortunes, it appears as though fans of the team are excited about the prospect of seeing the Duke Blue Devils star on the court. 

According to Jeff Duncan of the Times-Picayunethe Pelicans received 2,000 new season ticket orders. This is especially impressive as it’s double the number of orders that came through when Anthony Davis was drafted by the team back in 2012.

Pelicans fans might end up rethinking their purchases as it’s being reported that Davis still wants out of NOLA despite the prospect of Zion ending up on the team. Davis appeared to be fed up with the team throughout the season as the Los Angeles Lakers made a concerted effort to trade for him. The Pelicans star even wore a “That’s All Folks” shirt to the last game of the season.

With Davis looking to leave the franchise, Zion’s arrival will surely create even more intrigue as there will be pressure on Williamson to replace Davis right away.