Peach Tree Rascals Keep Cool in the ‘Summa’ Heat: Exclusive


Bay Area collective Peach Tree Rascals show no signs of stress as they beat the heat in the video for their latest single “Summa,” premiering exclusively on Billboard today (July 30).

The loose, free-flowing alternative hip-hop jam is the embodiment of a cool summer, as the five-piece shares vocal and rap duties over an easygoing beat that’s hazy yet chill. Over sparse and spry production led by the group’s producer and mixer Dominic "Dom" Pizano, vocalists Isaac Pech, Tarrek Khaliq and Joseph Barros, along with creative director Jorge Olazaba, showcase the type of enble chemistry a group of friends might have after meeting each other in high school and deciding to scrap together on a musical journey ever since. 

“We are the Rascals and we do the best with what we’ve got, even if it’s not much,” Khaliq tells Billboard

Their throwback sound gets a fresh spin by embracing the variety of styles from the group’s vocal trio while also benefiting from a palpable and consistent charisma that shines through the mix. Fittingly, the video plays off of their easy interplay with a home movie-style highlight reel of summer past-times like swinging in the park, cruising around the city with the top down and moonwalking on an SUV.

“This was the most seamless video for us to film because the whole thing was improvised,” Barros reveals. “We had a blast making it because it's us doing what we normally do in the summer.”

The video also serves as a window into the endlessly creative, collaborative dynamic within the group as well as the strong bond between its members. 

“We’re a group of brothers that for real love each other,” Pech says. “We're always trying to enjoy life and have fun and we wanted to video to show that.”

Check out the video for Peach Tree Rascals’ “Summa” below.