Paul McCartney to Release 'I Don't Know'/'Come On to Me' Double Single This Week


Following many Instagram posts hinting at new music, Paul McCartney has announced a double A-side single to be released Wednesday.

The rock legend has been teasing fans for a few days now on his Instagram, posting mysterious pictures and video clips hashtagging #PaulMcCartney and #EgyptStation. Although fans weren't 100 percent sure the meaning behind the posts, speculation for new music was high, and rightfully so: McCartney’s most recent post revealed that “I Don’t Know” and “Come On to Me” will be released Wednesday as an all-new double A-Side single.


“Come On to Me” made its live debut at the Philharmonic Pub in Liverpool last week (watch below), but fans have yet to hear the other announced song “I Don't Know.”

McCartney’s 17th studio album is set to be released this fall, and with his more recent album, NEW, being released almost five years ago, anticipation for new music is high.