Paul McCartney Hints at 'Egypt Station' NYC Secret Show Location, Performs 'Come On To Me' on 'Tonight Show': Watch


The Brit legend talked about his 17th studio album, out today (Sept. 7) and called Jimmy Fallon’s childhood phone number.

Sir Paul McCartney might be 76-years-old, but his young spirit remains intact. On the eve the release  his 17th studio album, Egypt Station, out today (Sept. 7), the rock legend stopped byThe Tonight Show on Thursday night (Sept. 6) to talk up the record, catch up with host Jimmy Fallon and tease what New Yorkers can expect from his mysterious secret show in the city on Friday night.    

Reminiscing about the time the pair went to dinner in London, Fallon shared a story a die-hard fan coming to their table to tell the former Beatle how much she loved him and noting that her favorite song was the 1968 classic "Hey Jude." McCartney didn't hesitate and immediately started singing the song to the woman, leaving her in tears. "It was crazy… the whole restaurant was singing along "Nah nah nah nah nah." Who does that?! So awesome!" Fallon fondly remembered. "We were a little drunk." McCartney reminded him, laughing.       

Fallon, a huge McCartney aficionado, dragged out his childhood collection records, sharing with the rock legend how he used to listen to the albums non-stop dreaming about maybe one day meeting his idol. The duo then decided to call Fallon's childhood phone number and leave young Jimmy a message. 


As Fallon gushed over his idol and his well-known free spirit and charming personality, he asked how McCartney remains so "cool" all the time. "How do you stay so cool? I’ve watched everything, seen everything, I’ve read every article… even through the Beatles stuff, the crazy stuff, even when people were burning your albums and saying that The Beatles were the devil… how do you stay so cool through that?," he asked. McCartney gasped a little then wisely added, "I dont know… you just have to, so you do."

Touching on songwriting and the singer's creative process, Fallon asked McCartney if he ever tried getting into a dark place to write a sad song or if he is always in a positive spot. "The good thing about songs is that if you are in a bad mood, it's a great thing to do: like some therapy for yourself. So if you're feeling bad, you can go f somewhere with the guitar and tell your troubles to the guitar and work it out, normally getting a little optimistic about it towards the end, feeling better," McCartney said. Unsurprisingly, the conversation led McCartney to show f his skills, writing a song about Fallon on the spot. 

McCartney seems excited about Egypt Station, his first studio album since 2013's New, as the duo went over the album cover art and the value it. "We wanted to do something more like a concept album. We can't really do the modern pop album that is just a bunch singles… people like Taylor Swift and Beyonce have that stuff covered. And they got better legs than me!" the 76-year-old joked.


Regarding the secret New York City show slated for Friday night, McCartney didn't hesitate to hint about a possible location. "The album title is Egypt Station, so there might be a little clue in there. It's in New York so it might be… a Grand show." Expect the lines at Grand Central to be longer than ever this Friday.

Check out the fun chat and the performance the Egypt Station's single "Come On To Me."