Patrick Topping & Liset Alea Are a Sunburst of Energy on ‘Galaxy’: Exclusive


Being a music producer is wild. That fresh song you're rocking on New Music Friday? It might have been written and recorded years ago. Some producers don't even know when (if ever) their hooks will see the light of day, but in some cases, that's an advantage.

Take British DJ Patrick Topping's latest "Galaxy," coming out as the second single on his personal label Trick an exclusive premiere with Billboard Dance. below. It's a hard-hitting house jammer that took half a decade to come together, but he says that patience made the final product worth the wait.

"The first draft of 'Galaxy' was actually made in 2013, the same week I made 'Any Amounts,'" Topping tells Billboard Dance. "It’s been one of my favorite productions ever since, but I haven’t had the right moment to release it. Now, with Trick, it's finally coming out. I’m glad it took so long, because I’ve updated some of the sounds and added the vocals of Liset Alea. I was playing some of her old tracks, so I reached out to her and she made these originals vocals for it. Now, six years later, it’s finally compete and coming out, buzzing."

Topping is right. Alea's vocals add seriously special shine to the playful, sunny rhythm. It's a solid offering from the nascent label, following Topping's techno single "Watch What Ya Doing." It's out everywhere Friday, Aug. 9. Listen to the exclusive sneak peek below.