Pat Lok’s ‘Somebody’ Is a Disco-Funk Groove Worth Catching Feelings For: Exclusive


Putting the moves on a cutie at the club is tricky business. You want to look like you're into it, but not too into it. You need a groove that's funky but y, effortless cool, and Pat Lok's "Somebody" — premiering exclusively on Billboard today (Nov. 5) — is your ace in the hole.

The Vancouver-born, L.A.-based producer and DJ has made his name as a smooth funk master, and "Somebody" sets the nu-disco lights to stun. He tapped "Lucid" collaborator Oktan to lay down a silky vocal. He sings of meeting some hottie on the dance floor, and while it's too soon to be love, they're definitely the type to be more than just another fling.

"I actually started it over a year ago," Pat Lok tells Billboard Dance. "I had just met someone who I really sparked with and was going through the usual motions. We shared the same sense of humor, had an endless curiosity to learn all about each others lives. It’s about the moments where you let your mind run wild imagining a life together with someone."

He sat on the tune for months, wondering where to take it, but found new inspiration after finishing and releasing his Corazón EP in summer of 2018.

"New ideas started flowing straight away," he says. "Sometimes you need to step back from a song. Even if months or years go by…you give yourself the chance to totally rediscover the song and bring back those initial inspirations all at the same time."

"Somebody" is out everywhere Wednesday, Nov. 6, on French taste-maker label Kistune, you can listen one day early below.