Pat Benatar Isn’t Commenting on Rock Hall Nomination, But Here’s What She’s Said Before


Pat Benatar is choosing not to make any comments, yet, on her first Rock and Roll Hall of Fame nomination — which also includes husband and creative partner Neil Giraldo.

The nod comes a full 15 years after Benatar was first eligible to be nominated, and she's been a perennial on the list of Rock Hall slights over the years. Back in 2017, however, both she and Girlado mused to Billboard about the shrine and how they viewed it.

"Listen, this is not how you judge your life's work and everything, a bunch of guys sitting around making a decision about what band members get picked and all that," Benatar said at the time. "I mean, what the hell? If you get in, fine. It helps you. It's a good thing. You don't get in, who cares? It's not a big deal. It's not a thing. You can't live your life caring about that stuff.

"It's like my four Grammys; They're in closet, y'know? I don't put them out. It's fun to win, but it's not how you validate your life. (The Rock Hall) would be great for my kids — 'My mother and father are in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame.' OK, that's good."

Giraldo, meanwhile expressed skepticism about even being included in a nomination for Benatar. "I don't put a lot of faith in that for me, 'cause obviously nobody really knew what I did in this particular partnership. So I don't really see that happening." But he was adamant that his wife should get into the Rock Hall at some point.

"Eventually it's gotta happen. With everything she's done, she's got to be in there," the guitarist explained, before adding that, "Nobody really cares about it, nobody pays attention to it in our camp. We're just, 'OK, if that's what happens, great.' It's not a big thing. It's not like a song. A song is real; It's there, and it's there for all time. That's our biggest honor, y'know?"

Benatar and Girlado maintain a regular touring schedule but haven't released an album since 2003's Go. During 2017 they did release a pair of singles, "Shine" and "Dancing Through the Wreckage," the latter from the soundtrack to Served Like a Girl, a documentary about female military veterans struggling to re-enter civilian life.