Panorama 2018: Gucci Mane Goes A Cappella, Janet Jackson Delivers the Hits & More Day Two Highlights


After looming thunderstorms forced Panorama organizers to abruptly cancel the fest's Friday lineup — cutting sets from Dua Lipa, The Weeknd and more — festival-goers flocked back to Randall's Island on Saturday (June 28) for a rain-free day two. And aside from another weather-related cancellation by Lil Wayne, the jam-packed schedule went just as planned, with sets from Japanese Breakfast, SZA, Gucci Mane and finally, a hit-filled spectacle from headliner Janet Jackson.

Catch up on everything that went down on day two below.

1:42 p.m. Los Angeles indie rock band Lo Moon has a tiny but devoted crowd as the first Pavilion Stage set the day. Fans are sliding around in the mud thanks to yesterday’s storm, and the temperature is sizzling, but the band is cool as a cucumber as they open with moody banger "This Is It." “It’s fucking hot out here, isn't it?" lead singer Matt Lowell inquires, before thanking everyone for coming out early. Indeed, it might be 82 degrees, but by "Loveless," the crowd is vibing hard even as everyone's drenched with sweat. — GAB GINSBERG

3:06 p.m. Seconds after bantering with her guitarist over their incredulity about playing the same stage that venerated Atlanta rapper Gucci Mane will later be gracing ("East Atlanta Santa, oh my God!" "Is that what he's called?"), Jay Som frontwoman Melina Duterte launches into "The Bus Song," a chugging highlight from 2017's Everybody Works. When it comes time for the backing vocals to chime in on the second verse, her guitarist shouts "BUT I LIKE THE BUS!" with similar elan to his prior Gucci praise — earning a surprised (impressed?) mid-song "wow" from Duterte. — ANDREW UNTERBERGER

3:58 p.m. It's been less than three weeks since Norwegian pop sensation Sigrid dropped her latest EP Raw, but fans are already singing along word-for-word as the 21-year-old performs standout track "Schedules," twirling across the Pavilion stage in rainbow-striped pants, a blue crop top and Nike kicks. It's a relief for the singer: "Thanks for helping when I forget the lyrics," she tells the crowd, giggling. But Sigrid throws it back to some older songs, too, breaking out both her middle fingers for a rousing performance player takedown "Plot Twist" and — course — her breakthrough 2017 hit "Don't Kill My Vibe" before closing out with fist-pumping single "Strangers." — TATIANA CIRISANO

4:54 p.m. The last rock band on the Panorama main stage today, PVRIS are just getting into gear. While most the crowd is already in queue for Janet Jackson's headlining set later on, the Massachusetts band tears through ferocious synth-assisted bangers from last year's All We Know Heaven, All We Need Hell. This time, it's the moody, propulsive "Half," with frontwoman Lynn Gunn taking a break from guitar duties to pound away on the drums for some added percussion in the song's scorching outro. — CHRIS PAYNE

5:14 p.m. "This song requires a lot jumping." PVRIS' Lynn Gunn is right. Closing out their set, it's the raucous pop-punk energy "My House," the fan favorite from their 2014 debut White Noise. Feet that were stationary for the last half hour are now in motion, matching the track's kinetic rhythm. — C.P.

6:27 p.m. Half an hour after Lil Wayne was set to take the main stage, a message flashes across the screen: "DUE TO WEATHER CONDITIONS, LIL WAYNE'S FLIGHT HAS BEEN DELAYED AND HE IS UNABLE TO PERFORM TONIGHT." Concert-goers' groans at the sudden cancellation are audible all the way from the Pavilion stage, where pop-rock genius and guitar shredder St. Vincent is soon to emerge. — T.C.

6:45 p.m. Playing a second set on the Bud Light Dive Bar stage after having performed on the bigger Pavilion stage earlier in the day, Los Angeles rock outfit Lo Moon play a familiar riff, which slowly unfolds into a full cover Peter Bjorn & John's late-'00s indie-pop classic "Young Folks." However, their version keys the song around waves delirious electric guitar, with no vocal contributions — not even a whistle. It's not the only alternative standard to be reinvented on the Dive Bar stage; about an hour later, Australian singer-songwriter CLOVES will perform an encore performance her bluesy cover Mazzy Star's "Fade Into You." — A.U.

7:37 p.m. St. Vincent (a.k.a. Annie Clark) switches out her electric guitar for what seems like the tenth time, opting for a bright blue one after cycling through a range guitars in pink, orange and white. Rocking a bright orange bodysuit getup with fishnets and matching knee-high heeled boots, the singer-songwriter and guitarist mastermind belts out tracks f last year's Masseduction LP like "Pills," "Los Ageless" and "Dancing With a Ghost" as dystopian scenes play out on the screen behind her — and stray "YAAS!" squeals erupt from the crowd. A partly a cappella version piano ballad "New York," based on Clark's own time living in the East Village, provides a fitting ending. — T.C.

8:31 p.m. SZA is running out time. "We've got five minutes!" the R&B star yelps (and actually, it's four), quickly asking the main stage crowd "who here is twenty-something?" before powering through Ctrl coming–age melody "20 Something," one the last tracks she squeezes into a 50-minute set that also includes "Broken Clocks," "Drew Barrymore" and "Love Galore." The audience-panning camera turns to a dancing, glitter-covered paramedic; at Panorama, even the medical pressions are partying. The heartfelt acoustic song provides the perfect soundtrack for fans to watch the sun set over the adjacent Harlem River, though it's hard to keep your eyes f SZA, swaying along to the music in a floral dress and sneaks before sauntering fstage. — T.C., JOSEPH LYNCH

8:41 p.m. "We can't be having that with Guwop, now!" That was DJ Champ, ficial DJ for Gucci Mane, chastising the sound people at Panorama after power issues led to the music cutting out on multiple occasions during his intro set. Sadly, the issues return during the Trap God's main set — even interrupting wife Keyshia Ka'Oir's onstage cameo — but after fans start shouting out requests, the rapper saves the day with some a cappella spitting his 2009 hit "Lemonade." Then DJ Champ drops the classic beat, and suddenly all is right in the Gucciverse. — A.U.

9:30 p.m. During her rendition “Together Again,” pictures young Janet Jackson and her father, the late Joe Jackson, appear on the main stage screen. After the song, she spreads her arms wide and points to the sky. “I miss you — both you.” — J.L.

10:38 p.m. They’ve got a relatively early set tomorrow (Sunday) morning, but L.A.’s Chicano Batman take the stage across the river at Williamsburg’s Brooklyn Bowl, ready to go hard at one Panorama’s ficial after parties. For over an hour, the quartet provides a rousing, improv-friendly backdrop funk, psych-rock, and tropicalia for late night attendees. We’ve already got a must-see set for tomorrow’s early hours. — C.P.