Pandora Predictions to Know: Brytiago, Tierra Whack, Purple Disco Machine & Quando Rondo


Here are the latest predictions for future success on the Billboard charts from Pandora & Next Big Sound.

Long before Ella Mai’s “Boo’d Up” was a Billboard Hot 100 top 10 hit — 15 months before, to be exact — the British singer-songwriter appeared on the Next Big Sound chart, a ranking that aims to predict the up-and-coming artists most likely to break. That chart, which is published weekly on Next Big Sound as the Pandora Predictions Chart, has also foretold the success Dua Lipa, Khalid, AURORA and more.

So who’s on Next Big Sound’s radar nowadays? Who are the musicians most likely to make it, according to the music analytics company owned by Pandora?

Below is an introduction to four new artists to the Pandora Predictions and Pandora Trendsetters charts. The Predictions Chart uses social media and streaming growth to predict the artists most likely to make their debut on the Billboard 200 chart in the next year, while the Trendsetters Chart ranks up-and-coming acts by their weekly artist station adds on Pandora.

Charts are updated on Next Big Sound on Fridays, and the Next Big Sound chart is published every Tuesday on Billboard.


Puerto Rican singer Brytiago — short for Bryan Santiago — has been on the Latin music radar since 2016, when he was signed to Daddy Yankee’s Cartel Records and “Bebe” became a buzzworthy single. Now, he’s seeing more crossover success thanks to “Bipolar,” his collaboration with reggaetón/trap star Ozuna and Puerto Rican producer Chris Jeday.

“Bipolar” hit No. 66 on the Pandora Top Spins Chart and has peaked at No. 17 on Billboard’s Hot Latin Songs list dated April 17.

Brytiago makes his debut on the Pandora Trendsetters Chart dated June 8 at No. 18. Month-over-month, he’s seen a 75 percent increase in artist station adds, with a current rate around 2,500 per week.  His follow-up to “Bipolar,” “Asesina” (with Darell, also previously featured in the Predictions to Know series), reaches a new peak No. 26 on the latest Hot Latin Songs chart (dated June 16).

Tierra Whack

Tierra Whack is, indeed, a little wacky. But wacky works: The Philadelphia rapper makes her debut on the Predictions Chart dated June 8 at No. 17 after the release Whack World, an album that definitely goes against the norm.

Whack World is composed 15 tracks that are each one minute long and was released alongside 15 wonderfully weird music videos.

Whack World has certainly turned heads. In the past month, she’s seen just shy 15,000 Twitter mentions – a 2,000 percent lift compared to the previous month and more than 2,000 times what Next Big Sound would expect from an account with her reach. She also saw a 1,300 percent boost in Pandora artist station adds and a 4,700 percent increase in Facebook page likes.

Purple Disco Machine

German DJ and producer Tino Pionte has been making funk-inspired noise in the deep house world under the name Purple Disco Machine for a few years now, but 2018 is looking to be the year he sees more mainstream success. His debut album, Soulmatic, was released last year, and now he’s grown his fanbase thanks to a slew festival appearances and a buzzy new single, “Dished (Male Stripper).”

Purple Disco Machine debuts on the Predictions Chart at No. 19 after seeing a notable lift in activity in activity on social media and Pandora. Month-over-month, he’s seen a 240 percent increase in Pandora artist station adds. On Twitter, he’s been seeing higher rates engagement than what Next Big Sound would expect with someone with his 15,162 followers, including 174 mentions (seven times the expected amount).

Quando Rondo

Quando Rondo is starting to make a name for himself in the hip-hop world, even if that name actually comes from a mispronunciation his real name, Tyquian Terrell. The Savannah, Ga., native saw viral success  in January with the release “I Remember,” which features newly minted Hot 100 star Lil Baby.  The song racked up millions views fast, and the singles that followed, “Paradise” and “Motivation,” followed suit.

Quando Rondo debuted on the Predictions Chart after the release his Life B4 Fame mixtape in late April, and now he’s climbed up to No. 4 on the June 8-dated tally. This month compared to last month, he saw a 90 percent increase in artist station adds and a 275 percent bump in Facebook page likes.