Pandaraps drops 2 singles "Kornflakes" and "Everybody’s Pritty"


experimental rapper Pandaraps shares 2 singles with us as follows.

“Kornflakes” has a laid back, soothing vibe that fits Pandaraps’ stream of consciousness flow and lyrics which he says came to life while he was tripping on acid. He dwells on the fact that his time and place in this music scene is temporary. Somewhat morbid but thought to provoke.  The song features kid wolf on the hook and is produced by Gny out of the Philippines.

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“Everybody’s Pritty” goes for a more lo-fi/soulful vibe and sees the unorthodox rapper rapping about nature, food and a whole lot of things that matter to him.

Both songs are taken from his second EP Sometimes I Eat When I Feel Bored on Spotify


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