Pabllo Vittar Talks Being a Brazilian Drag Star, Churros Obsession & More in ‘Growing Up Latino’ Episode: Watch


Brazilian drag star Pabllo Vittar is the latest artist to take to Billboard's “Growing up Latino” hot seat, where she opened up about her childhood, culture, and more. 

Off the bat, Vittar, who has collaborated with artists such as Lali and Anitta, says she wants people to know that her country is much more than just samba and soccer. “There’s forro, funk, arrocha, rasteirinha,” she says, adding that her favorite local dance move is the “chacoalhada,” which is a new dance trend taking over Rio’s funk parties. 

It was in her late teen years that Vittar began to put on makeup. “The first time I went out in drag was on my 18th birthday,” she says. “I felt gorgeous and I haven’t stopped wearing make-up since.” In the video, she also advises everyone to remove their make-up before going to sleep. 

“My best childhood memory,” she continues, “is singing with a towel on my head or performing some song that was playing,” emphasizing that she’s always loved to dance. As for her favorite Brazilian street food, Pabllo picks churros. “Churros today, churros tomorrow, churros forever,” she gushes. 

Vittar closes off her episode of Growing Up Latino by sharing her favorite Brazilian queer slang. “Don’t want that,” she says, “as in ‘wow, that’s lit, that’s gorgeous.’” As an example, she notes, “Don’t want that. It’s beautiful!” 

Watch the complete episode above.