Pabllo Vittar on Why ‘Drag Race’ Is Not in Her Future: ‘I Would Be a Complete Disaster’


As RuPaul’s Drag Race continues to become an ever-larger pop culture juggernaut, drag queens everywhere are reaping the benefits of increased visibility. One of those queens is Brazil’s Pabllo Vittar, who catapulted into a massive music career without the help of the global phenomenon that is Drag Race.

Yet one of the most common questions asked of the star is whether she ever plans to appear on the show. In a recent interview with Gay Times, Vittar put those questions to bed by definitively stating that she has no plans to become a cast member on Drag Race.

In the interview, the star established that while she is naturally gifted at what she does, she doesn’t believe she has the skills necessary to compete on the show. “I can do my makeup, I can do my hair and I can sing, but girl, I cannot sew,” she said. “I cannot do a lot of things that the fierce queens on that show do. I really want to be a part of the show, but as a competitor I would be a complete disaster.”

That being said, Vittar didn’t rule out the possibility of an appearance on the program as a guest judge or special guest, saying instead that she would absolutely love to make a cameo. “Please Ru, contact me,” she said. “I’m a superfan. Drag Race was the reason I started doing drag. So I owe it to Ru. I’ll say it again: Call me, Ru!”

Check out a portion of Vittar’s interview with Gay Times here.