Owner Of Public Pool With "Racist" Rules Threatens To Sue His Critics


A North Carolina man was recently put on blast for enforcing what many called racist rules at a public pool. According to Complex, John Freeman was dragged all over Facebook after his wife Theresa shared the guidelines to the pool they co-own, the Outdoor Recreation Center of Wendell. The rules included a ban on dreadlocks, waves, and hair extensions along with baggy pants. The latter would have the law-breakers “asked to leave,” should they be found with any of these items. ABC 11 News adds that the facility charges a one-time #100 registration fee along with a $6 fee for daily admission. Freeman runs the center with his wife and claims that the aforementioned rules have been posted in the center’s office for the past six years, but no one complained until they were shared on social media. 

The post was since deleted, but John continued to defend the controversial rules. With regards to the baggy pants, he claimed he did not want to see folks walking around “with their britches down.” As for the weaves/extensions and dreadlocks, he stated he simply didn’t want artificial hair to clog the pool pumps. The claims have left many skeptical of Freeman’s true motives. Either way, it seems he does not care how you feel because the pool owner shared with a news outlet: “If they call me racist, they can put it in writing and we will deal with it at the courthouse.” Clearly, Freeman wants all the smoke.