Overstreet Uses Hollywood Scandals to Tell His Story of Failed Romance in ‘My Ex’ Premiere


John F. Kennedy and Marilyn Monroe, Brad Pitt and Jennifer Aniston, Elvis and Priscilla Presley. They're all part of the world that is broken — and often scandalous — Hollywood romances, and now, they're all part of Overstreet's "My Ex" video.

The three-and-a-half-minute clip, premiering on Billboard below, features Overstreet (also known as actor Chord Overstreet) singing, rocking out and driving through Beverly Hills, in between shots of famed celebrity exes. Overstreet was inspired to write the song after a run-in with an ex while out on the town in Hollywood, which in turn inspired its cheeky visual.

“I saw the video playing out with a very gritty old Hollywood feel to it," Overstreet says in a statement. "I wanted to re-create the night that inspired the song, so I threw in drinking champagne and walking through the Hills until the sun came up. No matter what size town or city you live in, it always seems small when it comes to dating. Running into an old flame is almost too common, and funny how often it actually happens. So I thought it would be interesting to blend in some infamous Hollywood couples like JFK and Marilyn Monroe — I mean, who doesn’t love a good scandal?”

Shot on a combination of green screens and an old-school '90s VHS camera, the "My Ex" video cleverly encapsulates the feeling Overstreet experienced — as he puts it, "the moment when you think you want to go back to how it was, but know it’s a bad idea." Fortunately for Overstreet, his bad idea wasn't front-page news.

Overstreet co-wrote "My Ex" with Kevin Bard, who produced the track. The singer released the song on Sept. 20, marking the follow-up to his debut EP, Man on the Moon, which arrived in July.

Relive the juicy relationships of the past (including Overstreet's) with the "My Ex" video below.