Overstreet is Wide Awake in ‘All Nighter’ Exclusive


Chord Overstreet has an old flame keeping his lights on in the “All Nighter” video, premiering exclusively on Billboard today (April 18).

It has been a swift rise for Overstreet, the eponymous Los Angles-based quartet behind singer-songwriter and actor Chord Overstreet, which might explain why he needs a night to look at how the world looks so different from just a few years ago.

“‘All Nighter’ is a song about revisiting old places with a new point of view,” Overstreet tells Billboard. “It touches on how emotions associated with certain places change, but the physical places themselves stay the same.”

The final result is pop-rock perfection with shimmery guitars, a catchy hook and weighty yet relatable lyrics that Overstreet intones with an impressive melancholic ease. The accompanying video drives the theme home with stop-motion animation that gives the impression of being frozen in time as the minutes inch by and he continues to stay trapped in the loop of his mind.

“[The song] is also a story about struggling with a one-sided relationship and learning to live with the fact that you have no control,” he says. “The sleepless nights that you spend overanalyzing the relationship and the frustration that comes from not knowing.”

Though Overstreet feels stuck in the dark on “All Nighter,” the video reveals the next day is bright, sunny and waiting for him.

Check out the video for “All Nighter” — AWAL/ Kobalt + Universal Music Publishing — below.