Over 14,000 Fake Off-White Air Jordans & Other Nike Shoes Seized In LA


If you’re a sneakerhead who likes to buy shoes on the resale market, then fakes and inauthentic sneakers are your absolute worst nightmare. Sometimes, fakes can be so good that they look exactly like the real thing which makes it next to impossible to distinguish them from one another. With fakes being so good these days, it shouldn’t be surprising that factories out of China have been trying to capitalize on the naivety of some sneakerheads.

This past week, things went awry for the scammers as just under 15,000 pairs of fake shoes were confiscated by Border Protecting agents at the port of Los Angeles, according to Sole Collector. The vast majority of these shoes were fake Nike’s including the Off-White collaborations. The most popular shoe of the bunch was the infamous Off-White x Air Jordan 1 which goes for close to $5000 on the resale market.

Over 14,000 Fake Off-White Air Jordans & Other Nike Shoes Seized In LA


Image via Flight Club

The report states how all of these shoes would cost $2.24 million at retail although that’s only if they were real. On the resale market, these shoes would fetch exorbitant prices and whoever was in charge of this scam could have made millions upon millions of dollars.

Luckily for sneakerheads, these pairs won’t be making their way into anyone’s hands anytime soon.