Oscars Reportedly Planning To Address Trump & Stormy Daniels Affair


Jimmy Kimmel has already interviewed former adult film actress Stormy Daniels about her alleged affair with Donald Trump, but he may have more to say on the matter at tonight’s Academy Awards ceremony. According to TMZ, Daniels was contacted by producers the show, who asked her permission to use a now well-known picture herself and Trump at a golf clubhouse in 2006. 

TMZ’s sources did not have information on whether or not the photo was intended to play into Kimmel’s monologue or some other portion the show. The report speculates that the mention the alleged affair could have potentially come during a segment dedicated to the #TimesUp and #MeToo movements, but it seems more likely that Kimmel, who is hosting the awards, has a joke lined up for the president.

Daniels’ team reportedly responded to the email from the Academy with questions about the photos use, including whether or not it would be tied to a direct shot at her. According to the sources, the Academy did not get back to them.

Earlier this year, Kimmel invited Daniels to be a guest on his late-night talk show. The awkward interview featured plenty jabs at Trump, including Kimmel pulling out dolls that resembled both Daniels and the president. Watch it below.

The 90th Academy Awards air Sunday night at 8PM EST on ABC. You’ll have to tune in to see exactly what all this is about.