Orlando Brown’s Wacky Thoughts On Chris Brown & Soulja Boy Will Make You Laugh Out Loud


Chris Brown and Soulja Boy have been going back and forth on social media since yesterday and now, our favorite out--his-mind celebrity, Orlando Brown, has something to say about it.

Though no one can be totally sure every word he said, the former Disney star’s overall message is that Soulja’s a snitch. He also wants the world to remember that Kat Stacks exposed the rapper/producer for allegedly doing coke back in the day.

Soulja Boy claims Breezy got mad after he liked and commented under one Karrueche‘s pictures, at which point Chris allegedly FaceTimed Soulja with his crew in the background. He also says Chris was upset about Rihanna attending one his concerts years ago, though it’s unclear if he’s implying their alleged problem over Rihanna was the reason Chris put his hands on her in 2009.

Chris says his stories are a thing fiction and we kind believe him. Soulja’s known to tell unlikely stories. In fact, there’s a whole social media challenge surrounding his tall tales.

Watch Orlando Brown weigh in above and catch up on the beef here.