Oreo Announces Their Limited-Edition Fall Flavor


Back when Game of Thrones was still a thing, even before the tragic Starbucks cup flub, Oreo collaborated with the HBO program to reveal a special box for diehard fans of the show. The famed cookie brand has been making a big push this year to jump into the world of pop culture and it’s been working. Oreos are still, and probably will always be, one of the most popular cookies on the planet. Whether you dunk them into a glass of milk, twist off the outer layer, or eat it as it is, Oreos are a pretty solid snack for just about anybody. Their product offering just got a little bit better too because later this year, a new flavor will be on shelves for a limited time and we’ve got to say we’re excited.

Oreo Announces Their Limited-Edition Fall Flavor
Justin Sullivan/Getty Images

If ever you’ve taken a trip up to Canada, you may have come across some delicious maple cookies at the supermarket. We still haven’t tasted the upcoming Oreo flavor but hearing that they’re bringing that maple goodness to our tummies for the fall is making us salivate just a little. As reported by Hypebeast, the company is planning to push a Maple Creme flavor of their cookies this September. The sweet topping is usually added to pancakes, waffles, breakfast sausage, and more but maple cookies are seriously where it’s at. Oreo made a good decision with this.

Will you be copping a box of these?