Omari Hardwick Recalls Loaning $20K From 50 Cent: "He Doesn’t Play With His Money"


We’ve all seen what happens when anyone owes 50 Cent any sort of money. Fif’s been publicly beefing with Teairra Mari after she refused the pay the rapper his judgment from their legal battle. He also nearly gave an executive producer of Power a heart attack after publicly calling him out over money he was owed. The point being, if you ever loan money from 50 Cent, make sure you pay it back immediately.

Omari Hardwick recently sat down with Angie Martinez where he recounted the time when he loaned $20K from 50 Cent. He explained that Fif loaned him the money but his wife made it clear that Omari had to pay him back with interest. 50 Cent, with the heart of gold he has, loaned Omari money the following year knowing the actor was having some financial issues at the time.

“50 like, ‘I can’t have my investment f’d up’ and he looks at life like that. He was developing a friendship and a brotherhood with me but I was also his investment so he gave me another $20K and then I paid that back. Now, with more interest,” he recounted. “I ain’t trying to borrow a million dollars from him, ever. He doesn’t play with his money but he also doesn’t play with his investments so he was real big on throwing an arm around me, figuratively speaking.”

50 Cent took to Instagram and praised Omari for telling that story while also reminding everyone else who’s in debt with him that he’s expecting the money back on Monday. “This guy @omarihardwickofficial is the truth He’s a man of his word. 🤨you other niggas best be coming up with my money by Monday,” he wrote.