OJ Simpson Offers Hot Takes On Antonio Brown & Ezekiel Elliott: Watch


OJ Simpson’s highly publicized Twitter account has been the source of a ton of ridicule over the past few months, although people can’t seem to get enough of him and what he has to say. The former Buffalo Bills running back can be found talking about anything from politics, to Kris Jenner, and of course, football. Over the past few weeks, Simpson has been weighing in on a bevy of NFL-related topics including Ezekiel Elliott’s recent holdout. In the video, Simpson sides with Elliott, saying it’s important that running backs get paid for what they do.

Today, Simpson dropped yet another video about Elliott, this time saying he feels bad for the Dallas Cowboys star and that the team can’t win a Super Bowl without him. The controversial figure is well aware that the NFL has transitioned to “pass-first” game but still wants to see his fellow running back prosper.

Simpson also addressed the Antonio Brown situation by noting that he’s glad to see the Oakland Raiders wide receiver finally make his way back to training camp. Last Friday, Simpson addressed Brown’s situation, saying he thought the star was only threatening to quit football as a negotiation tactic, which turned out to be true. 

Both the Elliott and Brown situation will be interesting to follow moving forward, especially when you consider how much they mean to the success of their respective teams.