Offset Sounds Off On Unnamed Target; Speculation Ensues


Offset is most certainly on the quest for blood and or smoke. Never one to back down from a confrontation, the rapper took to Twitter to air out an unnamed party. “I see u n***as dick riding,” writes Offset. “Ya’ll n***s need to worry about HITS PUT SOME OUT. And you n***s don’t want smoke keep talking shit in the studios.” While the target the tongue lashing remains anonymous, plenty have pointed fingers at SOB x RBE, who allegedly shouted “Fuck Migos” at a gig in Santa Ana, California. 

It would make sense, considering Offset’s been known to engage in confrontation with those who disrespect him. The question remains, why did SOB X RBE target Migos in the first place, provided they are indeed the recipients Offset’s ire. Either way, the fanbase seem to think the correct answer is indeed the most obvious one, in this instance.

The popular Migos member has previously butted heads with rappers Lil Uzi Vert over upside-down cross paraphernalia, before endorsing Uzi’s newfound nemesis Rich The Kid. Not only that, but the “Ric Flair Drip” rapper also threatened to beat up Hot 97’s Ebro over inflammatory comments made on Instagram. Suffice it to say, his temper has been known to be easily triggered. It is, however, interesting that he’s opting to remain in the shadows on this one, operating exclusively in the subliminal realm.