Offset Shares Video Of His Son Attempting To Drop Bars: "NO CAP IN HIS GAME"


Offset‘s child appreciation posts will never get old since the Father of 4 has some of the cutest kids in the game. A few weeks back Offset introduced his daughter Kulture to the world with a video of her playing with her mom, Cardi B, and today Offset has come through with another video of his son, Kody. 

In the clip, you can see four-year-old Kody delivering quite a nice flow, clearly mimicking his dad. While Kody isn’t saying any full words, his delivery and hand motions pull it all together in a nice way. “KODY BEEN READY SINCE 2 YEARS OLD NO CAP IN HIS GAME,” Offset captioned the video. 

“Each time, you get wiser and smarter, and learn the ropes of being a father. Each one after is actually easier,” Offset previously told Billboard when discussing being a dad.

“The hardest one was my first son, Jordan. I was 17 and I ain’t have no job, and I was roaming the streets and trying to find myself. It was hard, and I was scared when I first had him, because out of all my homies I was the first one to have a kid. Everyone was like, “Bro, you have a kid on the way,” and at first it was like a joking matter. I was scared and didn’t know what to do, and I had to try different things to get the money and survive. But God let it happen.”