Offset Says Cardi B Isn't Pregnant


Cardi B’s one the hottest artists on the planet. The Migos are also very hot right now. So you could understand that Cardi B being pregnant with Offset’s child would be a big deal. The problem is, much the speculation that she’s expecting a child derives from rumors that’ve been floating around since Super Bowl weekend. Earlier today, a video Cardi B was caught walking to her vehicle and when asked about her alleged pregnancy, she was relatively silent. However, it looks like her fiancée is putting the rumors to rest.

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While shopping in L.A. today, Offset was approached by TMZ who tried to find the scoop on whether Cardi B is actually pregnant. While Cardi’s reps have allegedly suggested that he is, the rapper suggested otherwise. He wasn’t too talkative but the cameraman asked the rapper whether he was excited to be a father.

“I’m already a father three. I don’t know what you’re talking about,” he said. He was later asked if he was excited to have another child.

“Excited about what?” he asked, “My kids two, two and eight. I don’t got no other possibilities.”

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However, the cameraman decided to camp out in front the store until Offset came out and decided to give it another shot. Offset simply responded “no” that she isn’t pregnant and walked into the next store.

You could watch the full video below.