Offset Pays For A Family’s $200 Target Christmas Shopping Spree: ‘We Are Truly Grateful’


Even though the Thanksgiving holiday is over, that doesn’t mean people will stop being generous. On Sunday (November 30), Offset led the charge when he was shopping at Target and decided to cover the costs for an unsuspecting family who were buying Christmas gifts.

One of the family members shared the encounter on social media, and fans can see the mother wiping tears from her eyes as the cashier rings her items up. Offset consoles her with a big hug before he took a few snapshots with the entire family.

In the post’s description, the mother was having a terrible morning when her family decided to lift her spirits and take her shopping at Target. The daughter was applying concealer to her mother’s face to hide the bags under her eyes as she didn’t get much rest the night before. Suddenly, a random woman approached them and overheard their conversation.

When it came time to pay for their items, the woman, who happened to be Shaleeta “SheShe” Pendleton — a stylist who works with Offset — handed over $200 saying it was from the Migo member. Offset was standing at the cash register behind the family and also paid for a few other shoppers’ stuff, according to the daughter’s IG story.

“He came over and gave my mom the biggest hug,” wrote the woman. “He told her that whatever she was going through, that she would be okay. No one has ever done anything like this for my mom and we are truly grateful.”

Offset isn’t the only rapper who’s given back to those in need over the holidays. 42 Dugg recently held a turkey giveaway and a shopping spree for children in his hometown of Detroit, Michigan. Fat Joe, Fivio Foreign and DreamDoll had similar events in their native New York City.