Offset Feels Like He’s Being Exploited By The "Karate Phone" Victim


Offset‘s could have asked the overzealous fan to back off and get his own Panera, but he chose karate instead of diplomacy. You might recall hearing of an incident that took place just about a week ago, where Offset spotted “the overzealous fan” from the corner of his eye.  18-year old Junior Gibbons was in the process of “doing it for the ‘gram,” when Offset pulled up to acknowledge his unsolicited greeting with a karate chop to his phone.

Offset Feels Like He's Being Exploited By The "Karate Phone" Victim

Paras Griffin/Getty Images

As the record states, and photo evidence at that, Gibbons’ phone and screen were rendered inoperable as a result of the chop. Although TMZ claimed the incident wouldn’t amount to anything beyond a light slap on the wrist, Offset was inevitably booked on a felony arrest warrant after Gibbons’ and his folks wrote him up at the precinct.

Suffice to say, Offset’s lawyer Drew Findling, in speaking on behalf of his client. isn’t too pleased with the measures Junior Gibbons in the aftermath of his phone getting chopped. Although Gibbons publicly pleaded ignorance over the causal effect of his police write-up, Findling isn’t buying his spiel for one minute.

Offset’s lawyer has labeled Gibbons’ actions “disgraceful” and thinks the whole case “should be dismissed immediately.” On top of that, Findling is pointing to the fact that there’s absolutely no evidence to suggest the damages depicted in the photo (posted by TMZ) were in any way caused by Offset’s weapon of a hand.