Offset & Cardi B "Clout" The Sexiest & Most Outrageous GIFs


After teasing the arrival of their new music video yesterday, Offset and Cardi B officially dropped “Clout.” The track is from Offset‘s debut solo album Father Of 4 and has become a favourite for fans. Because of the inclusion of Cardi B as a featured guest, it shouldn’t be too surprising that the song is doing numbers. They’re trying to capitalize on its success by releasing some buzzworthy visuals and they succeeded in their mission. The couple is currently sitting near the top of YouTube’s trending videos list and “Clout” has become a major talking point on social media, mostly because of Cardi’s dance moves.

The rapper decides to boost her sex appeal in the video, straddling her husband and grinding on him in certain scenes. For basically the entire second half of the clip, Cardi B can be seen on top of Offset, twerking on his lap and dropping tons of NSFW goodness. In other shots, she’s covered with a pile of lemons. The contrast is stark.

After going through so much drama this winter when cheating rumours plagued them, Offset and Cardi B are back together and they’re proving that their bond is as strong as ever in this video. What was your favourite moment from “Clout?” Let us know in the comments.