Offset & Celina Powell Clash On Twitter Over Alleged DM Screenshots


After asserting that Offset is the father  her new child, Celina Powell has presented what she claims to be evidence that she and the Migos rapper have spoken, seemingly contradicting his statement that he did not know who she was. Offset has contested the validity the screencaps, responding to Powell's tweet by pointing out the avatar shown in the messages does not match her timeline. 

Of course, within DMs, avatars appear in their current form regardless when they are viewed. Offset stated on Twitter that his avatar (the album cover for Without Warning) was added to his prile following the release in 2017, but the messages being shown are said to be from 2016. Powell countered with the claim that the screenshot itself was taken on December 30, 2017, just after Offset's lawyers had gone to TMZ with claims extortion. She later posted a video that showed Offset's current avatar attached to the DMs. If the screenshots are authentic, it would mean that Offset did lie about knowing Powell, but, course, it only tells one part the story.

Powell continued to extend the fer for Offset to take a DNA test to prove once and for all whether or not he is the father her child. She mentioned a date in which he should have the test completed in Denver, though it is unclear if he has been served with papers that require him to do so.

On Friday, Powell revealed that she had given birth to a baby girl. She stated that the baby's name was Karma Kiari Cephus, pulling from Offset's government name Kiari Kendrell Cephus.