Offset Celebrates Cardi B’s Birthday With Tons Of Steamy Make-Out Videos


During their relationship, we’ve been subjected to more than enough public displays of affection from Cardi B and Offset. They’ve gotten pretty intimate in music videos, on social media, while walking the red carpet, and everywhere else in between. Perhaps the most physically affectionate couple in Hollywood, they never shy away from the spotlight when the cameras are flashing. Being the brash, unapologetic woman that she is, Cardi B doesn’t hold back on her emotions or her true desires. If she wants to make out with her husband in the middle of the sidewalk while thousands of spectators watch, she’ll do it. Celebrating her twenty-seventh birthday today, Cardi B was met with a barrage of steamy videos from Offset, who uploaded his favorite memories with the star online.

Offset Celebrates Cardi B's Birthday With Tons Of Steamy Make-Out Videos
Frazer Harrison/Getty Images

Wishing his boo a happy birthday, the Migos rapper reminded Cardi B that he’ll always be there for her. “MY BEST FRIEND THE LOVE OF MY LIFE, MY GUARDIAN ANGEL, KK’s MOM, THIS DAY IS YOUR SPECIAL DAY,” wrote Offset on Instagram. “NOT JUST ME AND FAMILY BUT THE WORLD LOVES YOU.”

The video that Offset attached his sweet message to will be a little cringe-worthy for some people who aren’t exactly into PDA. The first shot involves a lot of smooching and so does the second and so does the third. You get the point. There’s a lot of making out going on here.

Join us in wishing one of music’s biggest global superstars a happy birthday!