Offset Casually Blows A Bag On "Sneaker Shopping"


Even though Offset‘s home is overflowing with kicks, he agreed to go on Complex’s “Sneaker Shopping” and drop some serious racks at Fairfax’s Flight Club. Offset already appeared on the show back in January 2017 with the rest of the Migos members, but this time around, he has thicker pockets to play with. 

After being asked by the show’s host about the extent of his collection, Offset detailed that he’s got “like a million dollars of shoes, easily,” and that they infiltrate almost every corner of his house – a dining room, a weight room, a bedroom. The Flight Club employee was even surprised to see Offset back at the store after making a trip there not too long ago. Offset said he spent about $100,000 on sneakers in the past two months, a sizeable portion of that going towards the Marty McFly Air Mags

Offset also mentioned the nice gifts that fellow rappers have given him. Travis Scott supplied him with a pair of the purple Air Jordan IV that he collaborated with Nike on. Macklemore surprised him with his highly-coveted Cactus Air Jordan VI when they were shooting hoops at his crib after recording their collaborative track, “Willy Wonka”.   

The Father Of 4 rapper ended up copping 27 shoes, amounting to a grand total of $31,333.12. The most expensive of the bunch was the Air Jordan IV Georgetown PE, which cost him $7659.21. After being read his whopping total, Offset expressionlessly pulled out his black card and notified the clerk that he would have his assistant pick up whatever he was unable to carry. 

Watch below to see all the new additions to Offset’s collection.