Offset Blesses 12-Year Old’s Bar Mitzah In Moscow: Watch


Offset has followed in the footsteps of Playboi Carti in keeping the Jewish faith abreast of hip-hop’s goings and doings. For the sake of historicity, let’s travel back to November of last year when Carti booked himself a Bar Mitzvah gig while he waited on a concert grievance to expire. It’s all documented here, for all those interested in seeing how Carti fared in the prime time slot.

On Friday (the 24th), Offset did the same, except his one-time employment as “Bar Mitzvah entertainment” demanded that he travel all the way to Moscow, Russia – for the strangest of juxtapositions. Offset performing in casual attire, in the company of extremely well-dressed Moscovite pre-teens, who would be miffed if they heard my assessment of their maturity. I’ll take that once a rabbi has stamped his or her approval, there’s no looking back on the verdict.

While this reception wasn’t nearly as turnt as Carti’s deployment in America, it wasn’t due to a bummer performance from Offset. The Migos member performed a curated list of songs which included “Wild Wild West,” “Slippery” all in far more intimate, less boisterous setting than Carti’s Mitz gig.

According to XXL, Drake, Cardi B, Nicki Minaj, Fat Joe, Fetty Wap, Rich The Kid, and 21 Savage have all offered their services to religious ceremonies of some kind. Kanye West reportedly accepted a flat sum of $1 million in the same capacity. Sacrilegious or not, multifaith is a lucrative racket for the hip-hop establishment.