Offset Blasts Hater After Abortion Critique & Cardi B Cheating Claims


Over the weekend, Offset voiced his opinion on the controversial laws passed preventing doctors in Alabama and Missouri from performing abortions. The Migos rapper believes that women should have the right to make their own decisions with their bodies. If you’re not prepared for the responsibilities of raising a child or if you were a victim of rape or incest, why should you be forced to give birth to a child you can’t take care of? The question has been asked for ages and the new laws have angered a large number of people who have taken to social media to stand up for what they believe in. When a Republican activist wasn’t too fond of Offset‘s take on the abortion ban and his poor spelling, he slid into his mentions but the rapper decided to clap back when he saw the response.

CJ Pearson, a young right-wing activist, attempted to drag Offset for his spelling of the word “slavery” in his initial tweet. The word was written as “slavory” and Set explained that he made the mistake because he was so passionate about getting his message out there. Pearson said, “Offset – in between cheating on your wife @iamcardib – I hope you take the time to pick up a dictionary.” The remark was uncalled for with Offset and Cardi B recently reconciling and getting back together for the sake of their baby. Offset’s critique of the abortion ban has nothing to do with Cardi B and his alleged infidelity too, so we’re not too sure why that was even brought up.

In his reply, the Migos star snapped at Pearson and said, “And in between ur time you should look at yourself in the mirror and ask your self why you as a black men support republicans and trump people who give a fuk about abortions more then black men gettin kill and targeted by police.”

What’s your stance on the controversial new laws?