Offset Announces "Father Of 4" Deluxe Version With New Cover Art


At the beginning of this year, Offset made a significant push by releasing his long-awaited solo debut Father Of 4. After his success with the Migos and his joint effort with 21 Savage and Metro Boomin, people were curious to hear how the superstar would sound by himself on a project. He came through on Father Of 4 and although it was pushed back several times, the wait was eventually worth it. The album has been hailed as many’s favourite from the string of Migos solo efforts and now that those are all out of the way, the collective can team back up on their upcoming group projects. Offset is still hoping to capitalize on the success of his sound though and he’s about to introduce a deluxe edition of Father Of 4, which he announced today.

Offset Announces "Father Of 4" Deluxe Version With New Cover Art
John Shearer/Getty Images

Posting the alternate cover art, Offset is without his children on the upcoming extended version of his album. Instead, a strip of tape is placed over his eyes and blood drips down from his chest. With the absence of his four kids, a ton of symbolism has been added to the cover with hands grabbing him from the back, birds chirping hard in his ear and chains draped around his neck. There is not yet a release date for the deluxe edition but Offset did say it’s “OTW” so maybe it will arrive in the upcoming weeks.

Are you looking forward to hearing a few more songs from this era?