Offset Addresses Alabama’s Problematic Ruling On Abortion : "New Laws Is Slavory"


Forgive him for his spelling mistakes, it’s the thought that counts is it not? The Migos member isn’t alone in condemning Alabama lawmakers for what is viewed by a strong majority of Americans as a terrible precedent for policy change in the Deep South: a push by Senate to jail medical practitioners caught performing abortions for women-in-need. The changes would amount to a “near-total ban” on the practice in the state, prompting Offset to approach the subject from the perspective of a woman with her back against the barracks. Furthermore, he envisioned the woman being a rape victim with little choice but to seek abortion as an end to their suffering.


Inevitably, Offset issued the statement on Twitter with the aforementioned “spelling mistakes” in plain view, making the sentiment all the most earnest to those witnessed the postings unfold in two parts. It’s pretty simple, men shouldn’t govern what women do what their bodies, an opinion that noted “class clown” Freddie Gibbs decided to dwell upon for a couple of well-intended Insta slides. Both men are parents to young women, thereby forcing them to empathize with those affected by the ruling. Rihanna and Jameela Jamil have also voiced their displeasure with the Alabama and Georgian senate on two separate occasions of note (here, and here).