Odell Beckham Jr. Slapped With $15 Million Lawsuit Over Alleged Assault


A man claiming to be a longtime friend NFL superstar Odell Beckham Jr. is suing him for $15 Million. Ishmael Temple claims in his deposition that he was invited to Beckham’s house in January. Upon entering he began making the rounds, shaking several people’s hands, likely other members Beckham’s entourage. He fered his handshake to Beckham’s bodyguard, at which point he claims Charles Puryear produced a firearm and pointed it at him, saying “I bet you’ve never gotten shot before.”

Temple pulled Beckham aside to tell him about the confrontation, Beckham laughed it f, they returned to the party. Twenty minutes later, as Temple was reportedly leaving the residence, Charles Puryear and another person present ambushed him from behind. Temple then blacked out only to wake up to kicks in the face as he returned to consciousness.

Temple claims he was “beaten to a pulp” and has spent 18K in dental repair. His lawsuit calls for $15 Million in damages: Temple believes he’s been blacklisted as a result the incident. Beckham’s attorney vehemently denies his client’s involvement in the altercation.

“Ishmael Temple has expressly acknowledged in his own lawsuit that Odell Beckham, Jr. never once touched him; and yet, Mr. Beckham is being sued for an alleged altercation that definitively did not involve him at all.” -Daniel Davillier