Odell Beckham Jr. Fan Turns Autograph Into Epic Tattoo: Watch


Odell Beckham Jr is one of the best receivers in the NFL and fans throughout the league have been amazed for years by his incredible highlight-reel plays. After a few years with the New York Giants, Odell now plays for the Cleveland Browns who have one of the most deprived yet passionate fans in the league. The team has never been very good but they continue to stand behind the franchise.

OBJ has been embracing his new role in Cleveland and has warmed up to the fans quite a bit. During a recent game, Odell walked over to a fan and autographed his forearm with a sharpie. The Signature was fairly large and took up a large chunk of the fan’s arm. As it turns out, that very same fan used the autograph as a stencil for his next tattoo.

As you can see from the video above, the fan went all the way with this tattoo and it’s just as big as the original signature. Fans are always taking their fandom to new heights but this is a little bit extra. He will now have to live the rest of his life with another man’s name on his arm which is just a little bit obsessive.

Hopefully, they don’t regret it in a few years from now.